Future of MIAPPE

The post-trantPLANT future of MIAPPE was discussed at a meeting on 22-23.05.2017 in Gatersleben, Germany. 24 representatives of stakeholders (both transPLANT members and external scientific and commercial institutions) expressed interest in continued development of the standard.

It was agreed that MIAPPE should continue as a project-independent initiative, welcoming contributions from the plant phenotyping community. A Steering Committee should formally represent the group, coordinate and approve the developments, as well as identify and manage further challenges. By voting, the following members of the Steering Committee have been elected:

  • Elizabeth Arnaud (FR, projects: CropOntology),
  • Paul Kersey (UK, projects: transPLANT, EXCELERATE),
  • Pawel Krajewski (PL, projects: transPLANT, EPPN2020, EMPHASIS),
  • Matthias Lange (DE, projects: transPLANT, DPPN, EPPN2020),
  • Cyril Pommier (FR, projects: transPLANT, EXCELERATE, RDA, EMPHASIS),
  • Bj√∂rn Usadel (DE, projects: EPPN2020, EMPHASIS).

In the upcoming months, the EXCELERATE and EPPN2020 projects are going to contribute to development of MIAPPE on data management and environmental aspects, respectively. Collaboration with other initiatives or industry partners is also anticipated.

The main address for MIAPPE is miappe.org, and its development takes place at github.com/MIAPPE.