Team information
Department of Plant Biochemistry Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics, Polish Academy of Sciences
Team contact
Prof. dr hab. Jacek Hennig
Team publications
Title Authors Journal/Source Publication Date
Variability of PR-2d/GUS chimeric gene expression in transgenic cucumber plants Yin Z, Hennig J, Szwacka M, Malepszy S J. Plant Physiol. 161:, 621-629. 2004
Overexpression of LCT1 in tobacco enhances the protective action of calcium against cadmium toxicity Antosiewicz DM, Hennig J Environ Pollut. 129(2): 237-245. 2004
In vitro NO-degradation by alfalfa class 1 hemoglobin (Mhb1): a possible link to PR-1a gene expression in Mhb1-overproducing tobacco plants Seregélyes C, Igamberdiev A, Maassen A, Hennig J, Dudits D, Hill R D FEBS Letters. 571: 61-66. 2004
Transcriptional regulation of the gluB promoter during plant response to infection Mac A, Krzymowaska M, Barabasz A, Hennig J Cell.Mol.Biol.Lett. 9: 843-853. 2004
Phytoglobins can interfere with nitric oxide functions during plant growth and pathogenic responses: a transgenic approach Seregélyes C, Barna B, Hennig J, Konopka D, Pasternak T, Lukács N, Fehér A, Horváth G, Dudits D Plant Sci. 165: 541-550. 2003
The Potato virus S resistance gene Ns maps to potato chromosome VIII Marczewski W, Hennig J, Gebhardt C Theor. Appl. Genet. 105 (3): 564-567. 2002
Effect of Saccharomyces cerevisiae CTA1 Gene Expression on Response of Tobacco Plants to Tobacco Mosaic Virus infection Talarczyk A, Krzymowska M, Borucki W, Hennig J J. Plant Physiol. 129 (3): 1032-1044. 2002