Configuration change

In the process of implementing the ISA-TAB by collaborating institutions, the following changes in the Phenotyping configuration have been introduced:

  • Material Type column added in assay file.
    Another way to describe the samples.
  • Derived Data File changed.
    For easier inclusion of data coming from various sources, the requirement to format derived files according to ISA-TAB convention was relaxed. The Derived Data File should contain a column Assay Name, with assay ids linking it to the metadata in assay file, followed by columns of data. Data column headers should be equal to trait names, defined in Trait Definition File as Measurement Type. There is no need to use Trait Value[] wrapping.
    As a consequence, the annotation of trait values in Derived Data File is no longer possible. Description of scale should be wholly provided in Trait Definition File.

Visit downloads to get the current version of files.

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